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Shedding the Weight

My pastor was preaching the truth this past Sunday at church. I mean he was preaching, preaching. You know the type of sermons, that make you question everything and the message sticks with you like glue. His sermon this week spoke about shedding the weight. When he talked about, “shedding the weight,” he was speaking about emotional baggage, individuals in your life, stress, worries, … Read More Shedding the Weight


Life and The Pursuit of Happiness

It’s okay to not know what is next, and you can’t be hard on yourself for not knowing. We unfortunately don’t have a crystal ball that magically tells us what life has in store for us, therefore we can’t put pressure on ourselves for not knowing. I’ve had this conversation with my friends recently, as for we are all approaching our mid-20’s and we … Read More Life and The Pursuit of Happiness


You Are Your Only Obstacle

When is the last time you did not doubt yourself and your capabilities? When is the last time you looked in the mirror and were truly amazed and proud of yourself for all of your accomplishments and endeavors? Now, be honest. Don’t just say something to make yourself feel better in this moment, when were you last truly happy and content with your life? … Read More You Are Your Only Obstacle