Tag: Kindness


It Is Easy To Be Kind

Have you ever paid for someone’s coffee at a coffee shop, donated supplies to your local homeless shelter, tipped your waiter and/or waitress your bill, or even complimented someone’s outfit, just because? How did those experiences make you feel? Or has anyone ever done any of those things for you? If so, I can imagine speaking from my own experiences, that it may have … Read More It Is Easy To Be Kind


Finding Wholeness in a Broken World

A global pandemic, political chaos, protests around the world fighting against racism, wildfires and more, all in one year. No matter what you stand for, this is a lot of information to process, and now more than ever we need to find wholeness in ourselves, in a time lacking fulfilment. Most of us can probably agree that we are emotionally drained, tried, and ready … Read More Finding Wholeness in a Broken World