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4 Tips On How to Workout With an Injury or Disability

Working out with an injury is never fun nor easy, and if not done right, you can end up hurting yourself even more. At twenty two years old I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease. Which we are all probably going to get at some point, usually around 60 but my body hates me so here we are. The best way to describe this … Read More 4 Tips On How to Workout With an Injury or Disability


You Are Your Only Obstacle

When is the last time you did not doubt yourself and your capabilities? When is the last time you looked in the mirror and were truly amazed and proud of yourself for all of your accomplishments and endeavors? Now, be honest. Don’t just say something to make yourself feel better in this moment, when were you last truly happy and content with your life? … Read More You Are Your Only Obstacle


Money Vs. Opportunity

“Money will always come, but opportunities to make memories, will come and go if you don’t act upon them”. I’ll be completely honest, I am not the most financially responsible if you will, I like to spend and think about the consequences later. My debt card and even sometimes my credit card, I think hate me. But, I’ve begun to realize that I have … Read More Money Vs. Opportunity