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Start Your Morning With Some Self-Care

Let’s start to wake up every morning with our ambitions at the forefront of our minds. That’s right, it may be 5 a.m. PST, but let’s wake up and manifest that we’re going to have a kick-ass day. (Excuse my french). Far too often I feel as though many of us, wake up in the morning, and either wake up in a bad mental … Read More Start Your Morning With Some Self-Care


Faith, Fit & Fumble

Some of you may have noticed that I changed the name of my blog to Faith, Fit & Fumble. I started this blog as an assignment for one of my MBA courses and realized not only how much I liked writing, but how blogging became my diary. I wanted to create a safe place for not only my thoughts but for others who could … Read More Faith, Fit & Fumble


3 Things I Like To Do After A Weekend Binger

So, I have to tell on myself guys, this past weekend I ate horribly. I mean I probably ate/drank my body weight. I went to a family reunion in Kansas, and if you know anything about the country, you know they like to eat there. I have no regrets, because you should never walk through life with regrets, only life lessons. So, that being … Read More 3 Things I Like To Do After A Weekend Binger


4 Tips On How to Workout With an Injury or Disability

Working out with an injury is never fun nor easy, and if not done right, you can end up hurting yourself even more. At twenty two years old I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease. Which we are all probably going to get at some point, usually around 60 but my body hates me so here we are. The best way to describe this … Read More 4 Tips On How to Workout With an Injury or Disability


Hot Girl Summer but Add Body Positivity to the Mix

It’s Spring, which means Summer and warm weather are right around the corner. That being said it is time to kick-off what I like to call, “hot girl summer.” But this summer I am deciding to change the lingo, and I plan on celebrating myself and I’ll be enjoying a “respectful hot girl summer”. Why have I changed the lingo, you ask? Because this … Read More Hot Girl Summer but Add Body Positivity to the Mix


Finding Ways to Eat Healthier

I love eating out. I mean I like, really love it, and that’s on as the kids say these days, “period”. I am such a foodie, whenever a new restaurant pops up in town, I am usually the first in line. But I’ve noticed the more I eat out, the unhealthier I tend to eat; because truth be told, I am a sucker for … Read More Finding Ways to Eat Healthier


Let’s Be Fitness Buddies

Need a fitness buddy? Look no further, I got you! I started my fitness journey this week. I know what you may be thinking, how can I preach fitness, when I am just starting myself? Well, I need your help to do so that’s why… I need someone to help keep me accountable, and I want to help you too. I have tried to … Read More Let’s Be Fitness Buddies

Finding Your Zen

I am the least flexible person you will ever meet. I’ve never been able to touch my toes, I can barely touch my ankles without pulling something in my back. But what fascinates me about Yogi’s is their health, wisdom, patience, and dedication. It would take me years to do what master Yogi’s do. Such as do a hand stand without anything to lean … Read More Finding Your Zen