I don’t want to be a working bee anymore. It is a true disease of society. This idea is that we have to go to college to just one day specialize in one profession for the rest of our lives until we are tired, withered, lifeless, and eventually our lives just come to an end. How unfair is that? I mean life is supposed to be a beautiful space of opportunity, and excitement. For the last couple of months, I have never felt so free. Because instead of conforming to society’s rules, and an idea for what success should look like, I’ve respectfully decided to say F it.

I decide to be a woman of faith, a woman who leads her own life, to be a good person who just wants to help others, to be a beacon of light, and not let society say I have to be one thing or another. The pressure we put on ourselves to fit in this bubble is what I believe truly is what causes us to go completely bonkers. We have to stop putting pressure on ourselves to be perfect and rather look within ourselves, to find fulfillment and contentment. Being beautifully you is something that no one, no system has the right to take away from you.

I thought that trying to be a model (an Instagram model), a News Reporter, an Attorney, etc… would make me happy, because hey “that’s success right.” I couldn’t have been more wrong. Every time I embarked on a new venture, I still felt like a piece of myself was missing. Do you know the song, “I’m like a bird, I want to fly away.” That’s who I am. I am a free spirit, who just wants to experience life, and the freedom to do that. Maybe this is a millennial mindset, but I don’t think that we are ever stuck. That’s why I am deciding to walk away from it all, I started my a Marketing Agency with my mom, and it has been an absolute freeing blast! The moral of the story is that we are never stuck. You are not stuck.

If you are feeling down, for whatever reason, or lost in what life has to offer, or what is to come, you are not alone. Whether that’s feeling like you must keep a certain job, or whether you got a degree in something, and you are scared to walk away from it. You are not stuck.

You have the freedom, to say “hey I’m not happy,” and you deserve happiness. Life is too short, and if you needed to hear this, this is your sign. Take a hold of your life, and live it to the fullest, because tomorrow is never promised.

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