Wow, I am overjoyed, honored, and humbled that 100 of you amazing individuals want to read my babble. 100 followers, wow. I actually started this blog as a part of an assignment in one of my MBA classes, and who would have thought that I would fall in love with pouring my heart out on a public platform. I love everything about it. Not just the visualization of typing my thoughts, but the feel of my keyboard underneath my fingertips, the sound my acrylic nails make as I hit each key, the satisfaction of having completed something, real ASMR shit. Super satisfying. (I’m sorry if you haven’t read my other blogs, and you’re just joining Faith, Fit, Fumble, I curse quite a bit. But welcome, how do you do? Thanks for tuning into my brain.)

Some of you may be thinking, Marisol, you only have 100 followers, calm down lady. But for me, it truly means the world, so thank you. In life, we have to celebrate every win, no matter how small. My older sister said it best, “you know you made it to adulthood when you no longer need an occasion to eat cake.” How does that relate? Well in my opinion we don’t celebrate ourselves and our accomplishments as much as we should. We tend to downplay our accomplishments and achievements. We almost check them off as boxes, instead of recognizing the effort we put in to get there. So, celebrate yourself and eat cake, even if you don’t believe there is an occasion to do so. Because you know what, there is because you did it.

And in this case, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without each and every one of you. So you get cake, I get cake, we all get cake. Cheers.

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