Where is our guide to life? I mean come on I feel like we’re totally unprepared for major life events. I mean we spend how many years in school, just to get out and not know how to deal with debt, how to sign up for your own phone plan, get health insurance, merge bank accounts with your soon-to-be husband. Why is it that we are fumbling through life with no direction at all, but being told we have all the tools in our tool belts to succeed, but no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to get it together? Sound about right?

These are some of my daily thoughts as I begin to approach my 25th year on this planet. That’s right five more years and I’m thirty. Thirty, Flirty (Married), and Thriving if you will. But, until then I am left like many of you, navigating through life just trying to figure it all out day by day. You would think I would know some of this by now, after investing years into education, but life sadly just doesn’t work like that, we are never fully prepared for what life has in store. But when life gives you lemons, make spiked lemonade.

It’s hard being in uncomfortable positions, where you just don’t have all of the answers to life, so I have found it effective to become comfortable being uncomfortable. That’s right, although we may feel as though we have been cheated because how could we not be taught these vital life resources, we have to be adaptable and roll with the punches.

Here are the three things I do when I face life’s uncertainties:

  1. Take one day to cry about it

That’s right, I am a huge advocate for crying, and for embracing your emotions. That being said it’s important to know when it is time to stop and get back up again. I usually give myself a day to cope with whatever I am dealing with. Giving myself one day allows me to process my emotions, and moron my losses. However, I don’t get stuck in that mindset, I begin to find positives and alter my plans accordingly. So, allow yourself a day to heal, and then when you wake up the next day, it’s time to get going again.

2. Stop being so hard on yourself

We don’t have a magic ball unfortunately to tell us what’s ahead. It’s almost impossible to know what roadblocks or problems life is going to present, so when life does get hard, stop blaming yourself. When things don’t go according to plan, do you start to question every decision you made up to that point, to discover what you did wrong? Stop that, you will drive yourself insane because of what happened, happened and now you can only move ahead. So, don’t give up, do take credit for mistakes, but learn and grow from them instead of dwelling on things you can’t change.

3. Give yourself some credit

I love the saying, “but did you die though” and as cheesy as it sounds, what doesn’t kill does in fact make you stronger. The best part is, you survived. What is going on in your life is not going to defeat you, so give yourself some credit for going through it. You are one tough cookie, so remember to praise yourself for your strength.

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