Guys, I’m back! It has been quite some time since I last posted, but I am finally back and here to stay. Life has gotten crazy (as it goes), but I’m challenging myself to stay dedicated to writing every week and stay dedicated to you guys. So, here we go, here’s another rant for you. haha

I thought it was really important to come back with a blog post about protecting your time and your spaces. For the last two weeks, I have not enforced what I am preaching. I have been so busy trying to cram everything into my schedule, whether that be friends, my family, work, going to the gym, etc… But cramming everything in is not only unhealthy, but it is also not an efficient way to spend your time.

Following the rebranding of my website, I would like to categorize this blog under “Fumbling”. Because in life we fumble, all the time, and when it comes to our time if we don’t prioritize ourselves, and protect our time it can lead to more and more fumbles. That being said it is important to put yourself when it comes to your time. We fall into patterns natural, and a lot of us can probably relate to, always putting others before ourselves.

Maybe when it comes to working, you put your job first and are willing to do anything for your employers, co-workers, etc… which is totally okay, I mean that’s your career, but at what costs? The same goes for friends and family, you may be putting their needs before your own, but at what costs? Are you truly happy? What do you do for yourself, how do you make yourself happy?

I’ve had to come face to face with those questions because I am a people pleaser. But drowning yourself to make everyone else around you happy is a bad habit. You can only take so much and don’t feel guilty about saying no and taking time for yourself. If you drain your energy, your light, and you invest that into other people, at the end of the day you probably left feeling exhausted, but it doesn’t have to always be like that.

Here are three things I do to ensure I am protecting my time:

  1. Remember it’s okay to say no

I am a yes woman, I will say yes to pretty much every activity, covering shifts, adding more projects to my workload, etc… because I like to please people. But I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I am not Wonder Woman. I can not do it all, even though I work really hard to convince myself I can. I simply can’t. So, I have gotten comfortable with the ability to say no, when I feel like my plate is getting too full.

2. Simplify

We all want to try to get everything done in a day, so we cram and cram until we have nothing left. Simplify your routine and prioritize what has to get done today and what can get done tomorrow. I know it’s easier said than done. I’m very much one of those people that has to get everything done on my calendar unless I don’t feel like I accomplished something. But it’s okay to prioritize and simplify your schedule and to still feel like you completed something.

3. Perfection is impossible, strive for excellence

Perfection is impossible, we can try to achieve perfection but we will always fall short. Being a perfectionist myself causes me a great deal of stress because at times it feels like no matter what I do, it’s never enough. So, instead, I try to strive for excellence, so I am never disappointed with the outcome.

I hope these tips help you, and please hold me accountable guys for blogging! Stay tuned, my next blog will be a fitness update and some tricks I’m using to stay consistent in the gym.

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