I cannot keep plants alive. I was not given the gift of a green thumb, and it makes me so sad guys. I mean I literally can’t even keep a succulent alive, which I’ve heard are some of the hardest plants to kill. However, I love the idea of having a green thumb, and greenery in my house, so I am on the hunt for plants I can’t kill. If you are anything like me, here is what I have now, that’s thriving.

  1. Snake Plant

I love snake plants, they’re indestructible in my opinion. I named mine Fernley. Yes, we name all of our plants, and I’ve had Fernley for about 5 months now. I have found that snake plants are fantastic for individuals with busy schedules, those who forget to water their plants, or even those who don’t have very much natural light coming into their home’s. My snake plant doesn’t see much light, as for I placed it in a shady area of my home. To my knowledge snake plants don’t need a lot of light to survive. As far as watering goes, we water Fernley once every 1 to 2 weeks. Fun fact for you, if you place your finger into the soil and it is still damp, even after a week, I’ve found that your plant does not need water until the soil is dry. Fernley lightens up our home with a pop of green, and is a great addition our home.

2. Majesty Palm

Where are my palm tree people, living the California dream? I love my Majesty Palm, it is such a nice addition to my bedroom. It’s name is Ferdinand, I did not name this one, my fiancé did (I don’t know what he was thinking). Anyhow, Majesty Palm’s do need sunlight, but not direct sunlight. I found it best to place Ferdinand by my window, where light peaks in during the afternoon, but it is also not being exposed to direct sunshine. We’ve had Ferdinand our Majesty Palm for about 3 months now, and it is doing great. As far as watering goes, it is on the same watering schedule as our snake plant.

3. Marimo Moss Ball

Marimo Moss Balls can literally out live us. I mean this is the plant for me, you literally can’t kill it, and if you do…. (I may be judging you a little bit). Just kidding, but seriously these are the best plants to have and they’re so cute. They are commonly referred to as Moss Balls, as for they are a species of algae (Aegagropila linnaei). Ours is named Aldo, and he only need water. That’s right, a small bowl, tank, jar full of water and that’s it. About once a month we take Aldo out and clean the bowl and put in fresh water, especially if the water is running low. I have zero complaints when it comes to Aldo, I want like ten more to put around the house. So, I highly recommend getting a Moss Ball, if you have trouble keeping plants alive like me, but want to add some sort of greenery to your home.

Hope this helps! Now, go forth you beautiful human and grow some indestructible plants.

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