So, I have to tell on myself guys, this past weekend I ate horribly. I mean I probably ate/drank my body weight. I went to a family reunion in Kansas, and if you know anything about the country, you know they like to eat there. I have no regrets, because you should never walk through life with regrets, only life lessons. So, that being said it is time to cleanse. I wanted to share with you guys what cleansing techniques work for me after a binger. Again, as I have prefaced in my previous blogs, I am not a nutritionist or a dietitian this is solely from my experiences, so I highly recommend consulting a specialist and doing your research to know exactly what is going to be safe/work for you.

  1. Celery Juice

I have a love, hate relationship with celery juice. When I first started drinking about a cup or so, roughly around 16 oz after a binger, I could barely stand the taste. I mean it is not my cup of tea. So, even now I will chug a whole class in the mornings, for a good cleanse. I am weary of calling drinking celery juice a cleanse, because in my finding, it should be used as more of a lifestyle change, rather than a 10-day cleanse. Celery juice is an excellent source of many nutrients, including calcium, potassium, and vitamins A, C, and K. It’s very hydrating, it’s low in sugar, it has anti-inflammatory properties. Like anything else, too much of it, can be bad for you, so again please do your research before using. Also, I have found that celery “cleanses” are huge in the influencing world, and many use it to lose weight or to reduce their daily calorie intake. I use celery juice as a nice healthy refresher followed by a healthy breakfast. I quite enjoy avocado toast, with OMG seasoning and egg whites scrambled hard, in addition to my juice.

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2. Staying Active

After a binger, I’ve found it best to ease into working out, but remaining active. I used to think that after a weekend long binger, I could workout really hard on Monday and that would makeup for what I ate/drank on the weekend; but that would usually result in me getting hurt. In order to avoid getting hurt, and after realizing that mentality doesn’t make much sense, I started walking on a high incline, on a treadmill for an hour to allow my body to adjust back into working out and being active. In one of my previous posts, I discussed working out with an injury/disability and how to stay safe doing so; I personally have Degenerative Disk Disease, so I have found easing into working out, works best for me. Your health and getting into shape does not have to be a sprint, and it usually isn’t, the important thing to do is to stay active, and stay healthy. So, after a binger, try getting back into the gym, but remember to ease your way into it, so you’re body doesn’t say, “WTF.”

3. Self-Love is Key

We all can probably relate to this feeling… ever go on a weekend long binger, and then not want to look at yourself in the mirror after? Or do you ever feel guilty about it? If you can relate, let me tell you, one you’re perfect and two cut it out. You deserve to have fun and let lose every once in awhile, and I promise you in a year from now, you probably won’t look back and say, “Wow, I shouldn’t have eaten those chips a year ago, or drank that beer.” You’ll instead most likely think about the weekend you finally went out with your friends and had a good time, or the family reunion you went to and had a blast country side. Self-love is key, and we have to stop being so hard on ourselves about having fun.

Heal your body, heal your mind, embrace yourself, and love yourself. Go forth beautiful human!

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