My pastor was preaching the truth this past Sunday at church. I mean he was preaching, preaching. You know the type of sermons, that make you question everything and the message sticks with you like glue. His sermon this week spoke about shedding the weight. When he talked about, “shedding the weight,” he was speaking about emotional baggage, individuals in your life, stress, worries, doubt, etc… Anything holding you back from your full potential.

This really resonated with me, as for I tend to hold onto emotional baggage, stress and worries. I’ve noticed that holding onto this weight not only effects me mentally, but it affects every aspect of my life; even the people around me. Shedding weight is hard to do, and it is easier said then done. Saying goodbye to someone you love or care about, because they no longer uplift you is hard. Or having to come face to face with your own rage, jealousy, or emotional pain is hard. But once the weight comes off, you will hopefully begin to feel like yourself again. After listening to that sermon, here’s how I plan to shed the weight.

Confront my weight

In order to shed your weight, you have to identify it. I personally have emotional baggage, that I carry around on a daily basis, and it is exhausting. So I am identifying the weight, and in the process, I know I have to be honest with myself. Because in order to grow we have to confront our problems and ourselves head on, because we tend to be our own worst critics.


To grow and to shed your weight, you must begin by asking yourself why? Why is this person, experience, emotional baggage, etc… Why are you carrying this weight, and why can’t you let go? It’s so hard to shed baggage and people out of our lives, but why is that? What is your connection to this weight? For myself personally, I intend to answer this question, by asking myself what benefit does this weight add to my life? Is it helping me succeed in anyway, or is it holding me back from my potential. Try finding the why, and if you can’t seek help and get an outside opinion.

Seeking Help

You are not alone. Seeking help to even identify your weight is okay and is sometimes even necessary. And if you have identified said weight and feel as though you don’t know how to shed it, talking to someone else who may be unaware of the matter, may help. They may provide you with insight, and help you navigate through your feelings. They will probably even provide you will guidance on how to shed your weight, in order to move onto a new and improved you.

Lets shed unnecessary weight and baggage together. Now go forth you beautiful human!

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