It’s Spring, which means Summer and warm weather are right around the corner. That being said it is time to kick-off what I like to call, “hot girl summer.” But this summer I am deciding to change the lingo, and I plan on celebrating myself and I’ll be enjoying a “respectful hot girl summer”. Why have I changed the lingo, you ask? Because this summer I plan to work on myself mentally and physically, also while having fun, but I also happen to be engaged now, so it will be done respectfully. HAHA

But I will be placing an emphasis on my own mental and physical health, and while working to appreciate my own beauty in every facet. For far too long, I focused on getting into shape, and getting ready for summer out of fear… because I was afraid how others would perceive my body on the beach. It took a huge mental toll on me, because I simply never felt good enough. So, wherever you are in your fitness, and mental health journey, let’s motivate each other to celebrate our bodies and ourselves, and have our own version of a “hot girl summer.”

Every spring I tell myself, “I’m going to get into shape, so I can be ready for the beach.” But this spring I’m saying fudge* that… The beach is going to get whatever body I give it. That being said, while I’m rebelling against the beach body norm, I am still planning to workout and eat healthier. So what’s the difference? For the longest time, I felt as though I had to be in shape by time summer hit, to please everyone else.

In all honesty, the only reason why I felt as though I had to be in shape, was to compete with other women on the beach. I would compare my body to others, and in my own eyes I was never good enough. Now, I am usually the first to compliment another woman, but that didn’t change the way I felt inside, I did feel jealous and sometimes even embarrassed to look the way I did. Then I felt ashamed, because although I may be complimenting someone’s bathing suit or how in shape they were, there was always a apart of me wishing I looked like them. Or putting on a pair of shorts, or an oversized t-shirt because now I felt uncomfortable in my own skin.

But no more! This summer the beach is getting whatever body I give it with confidence. Instead, of using fitness as a way to fit in, I changed my mindset as to how I view it. Instead of dieting and working out like crazy to be ready in time for June, I am beginning to incorporate fitness and healthy eating into my daily routines, to remain consistent all year-round. Our society puts so much pressure on us, to look a certain way, and that pressure an make us begin to second guess our own beauty. Beauty is all about perception, and you my friend are beautiful. So this summer I challenge you to think less about what other people think, and how they may perceive your body. Walk onto that beach, or get into that pool with confidence, because your beauty is radiant, and no one can take that away from you. Now go forth you beautiful human.

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