It’s Earth Day! What a great day to be alive and to cherish the planet we live on. I encourage you to simply take a step out and to take a deep breath, and just take a second to grasp how beautiful our world really is. Our world provides us with everything we truly need to survive, fresh air, nourishment, warmth, protection, the list goes on; but unfortunately, we have not been so kind to it in return.

Have you ever read the book, “The Giving Tree“? If not, the giving tree in sum is about a tree and a little boy. The boy loves the tree and returns every year, and the tree always provides him with something, whether that be food, shelter, wood, etc… The boy then grows up and the tree has nothing left to give him, and therefore he no longer needs the tree. One day he returns and the tree is now just a stump, and he sits on the tree stump, to take pressure off of his fragile tired legs. Although this is a fantastic children’s book, I believe this book is applicable to all of us, no matter your age.

In my interpretation, the book showcases the realities behind how we treat nature. We tend to take and take until there is nothing left, without nurturing and stabilizing the environments from which we take. Very much like the boy who turns into a man in this novel, we tend to take without thought of consequence. I mean in my own personal opinion the earth is changing, and is suffering and I do believe we take part in that change. So I think it’s time for us to take accountability for our actions and work to do better.

Being kinder to our planet isn’t hard, but it will take each and everyone one of us, to save our great planet, animals, and natural habitats. We have to make a commitment to change. You can start small, by biking more and learning how to recycle the right way. You can even go on from there to do your part, by cleaning-up your local park, or by planting a tree. Those are just a few examples, but there are so many ways to get involved.

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