It’s okay to not know what is next, and you can’t be hard on yourself for not knowing. We unfortunately don’t have a crystal ball that magically tells us what life has in store for us, therefore we can’t put pressure on ourselves for not knowing. I’ve had this conversation with my friends recently, as for we are all approaching our mid-20’s and we are at a place in our lives, where things have not necessarily have gone exactly according to our plans. Some of us have been really hard on ourselves, for various reasons such as not being in a serious relationship, or not having a car or job we want, etc…

We are too hard on ourselves, and never really take a second to appreciate all of our accomplishments, because at the end of the day we are our worst critics. But it is okay to not know what is coming next, and you can handle whatever life throws at you. Everyone’s journey and life stories will play out differently, so don’t compare and don’t feel like you are behind or missing out. There is a time and place for everything, and your time will come. However, that being said if your not happy in whatever current situation you are in, go out there and find what makes you happy and then do it.

In 2020, I quit my full-time job as a News Reporter, to rediscover not only who I am as a person, but also to work towards achieving my goals behind a podium in a court room. That’s right, I have always wanted to become an attorney, not because I love to argue (which I do)… But also to try to help fix a broken justice system. It is my hope to get into law school to practice Criminal Law, to help those who have been wrongfully convicted, or to help those who have been wronged by our so called, “justice system.” I want to do my part to help people, and I believe I will be able to do so as an attorney. That being said it took me quite a bit of time to realize my calling, three years to be exact.

I went to school to become a journalist, and who would have thought after three years in the professional world, my life would take a complete turn and make me realize that journalism, just wasn’t my true calling. In my last year as a News Reporter, I would question myself everyday, and ask myself, what I was doing with my life. I mean I was just miserable, because I felt as though I was no longer doing any good. I worked for an amazing News organization, but with the Covid outbreak and rise of the #fakenews area, it was a hard time mentally to be a reporter.

So I decided to rediscover my calling, and to find happiness again. Life threw me a curveball and sometimes I still feel behind, especially when I see people younger than me getting into law school, because I have yet to apply. But then I realize how harmful comparison really is and how important it is to be okay with the unknown. So go forth you beautiful humans, and work to uncover what makes you happy. Because we have one life to live, so lets live in to the fullest and not be afraid that we are behind. Because there’s no one right way to live life, I just simply encourage you to be a good person.

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