Embracing my self, loving my self, and cherishing my own worth, has never been easy for me. I often think of myself with little regard. Some days I will look in the mirror and think “Wow, there is a beautiful soul looking back at me.” But most days I look in the mirror and will point out all of my imperfections, the weight or stretch marks I have in various places, and how I wish they were absent. I’ll circle my hands around my breasts even and wish they were bigger. Sometimes I’ll look in the mirror and be so displeased with the person I’m starring at, that I begin to disassociate from my own body.

My journey to self-love is still in the works. We see these beautiful models, Instagram bloggers, fitness guru’s, etc… constantly on social media. Whether that be on Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, etc… and when we are bombarded with perfection and photoshop, we begin to see ourselves as imperfect. I’ve realized through self-reflection, this is where a lot of my insecurities come from. That, coupled with losing my metabolism, and gaining weight in various regions where I have never had it before, all of which for a time made me realize, I no longer loved myself.

If you can relate to what I am saying, then you know how life can be when you fall out of love with yourself. You may have stopped buying clothes, going out with your friends, stopped taking photos, and sadly even stopped looking in the mirror for too long. All of your feelings are valid, and on my blog, I hope I never make you feel like you can’t share your pain, worries, hopes, and dreams. However, I would like to help you see how beautiful you are inside and out. I embarked on my self-love journey at the beginning of this year when I reached rock bottom with my self image. I am still learning how to love myself but these are the steps I am currently taking to not only take care of myself physically but mentally as well. I hope these tips help you realize that you are queens and kings, and you have a beautiful soul. Lets pick up the pieces together and learn to love and cherish ourselves again.

  1. Embrace your perfect imperfections

On my road to self-love I’ve realized the importance of not calling out my imperfections as such. But instead shifting my mindset to say my “imperfections are perfectly imperfect.” Which in my eyes means, no one person in this world looks exactly like another. Even identical twins, one may have a freckle, a stretch mark, a scar on their body that separates them from their twin. That being said, your prefect imperfections make you unique. They make you, you. In saying that, I hope you learn to love your imperfections and the ones that you can fix, such as unwanted weight for example, learn to love it. Work to love yourself at every stage of your journey, and if their are perfect imperfections that are not fixable, learn to love them for making you unique.

2. Spend time alone getting to know yourself and your body

It is one thing to have friends and family or even strangers in your life tell you how beautiful you are, or to point out other various beautiful qualities; but if you don’t already know those things yourself, it probably goes in one ear and out the other. People in my life now often tell me how pretty I am, or how skinny I’ve gotten. But no matter how many times I am told this, I humbly never believe it. My love ones always tell me, knowing how much I’ve struggled with my self-image, that they wish I could see what they see for at least one day. I always laugh and say, “I’m sorry I can’t see what you see.” I’ve learned overtime that my statement to them, was actually false. I can see what they see but I need to open my eyes up to the fact that I am beautiful and so are you.

This week I challenge you to incorporate these two daily regimes into your daily routine. I call them regimes instead of tips because tips you may follow once and maybe see results. But regimes are daily practices that you actively work to incorporate into your lifestyle. I hope that everyday you will begin to see yourself as imperfectly perfect, and begin to love yourself for who you are no and who you will become.

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