I love eating out. I mean I like, really love it, and that’s on as the kids say these days, “period”. I am such a foodie, whenever a new restaurant pops up in town, I am usually the first in line. But I’ve noticed the more I eat out, the unhealthier I tend to eat; because truth be told, I am a sucker for a good burger and fries. That being said I also don’t have much time to cook at home, nor do I like to after a long day at work. That’s when I discovered the beauty of an Instant Pot.

If you have not gotten your hands on an Instant Pot just yet, I highly recommend you do. Best invention ever! I purchased my Instant Pot off of Amazon for $70.00. It is a 7 in 1, 3 QT Pressure Cooker which is great for beginners. I have seen cheaper ones on Amazon and even in Walmart, but the money spent is well worth it. Buying an Instant Pot has allowed me to prep meals at home in advance, and cook them when I get home within a matter of minutes. As I previously stated, the hardest thing for me to do is to want to come home and cook after a long day. But if I can simply throw all of my ingredients in a pot, and remove some of the labor out of cooking, I am more liking to eat at home.

Photo Credits: Canva.com

When I first bought my Instant Pot, I made a Pinterest page filled with various healthy recipes; and I also bought the “Instant Pot Miracle Healthy Cookbook,” which has 100 easy healthy recipes, you can decide from. I think many of us can relate to wanting to come home after a long day and just relax. I found that when I did not cook for myself I began to create an unhealthy relationship with food. I would be drawn to fast food, and getting food delivered from my favorite restaurants, just so I could do something else mindless with my time.

When I switched to cooking for myself again, I noticed not only physical differences, as for I began eating healthier but I began to notice mental changes as well. The more I incorporated veggies, meat, fish, and less processed foods into my diet, the better my body felt; and the better I physically felt, the better I felt about myself. My Instant pot completely changed my daily routine, but has also really helped my family and I get back on track eating healthy.

I found something that worked for me, to motivate me to eat cleaner. For you that may be meal prepping, or finding healthy recipes you can cook without using an Instant Pot. If you are like me and love to eat out, I challenge you to only do that once this week; and for the rest of the week, try to find easy recipes you can make at home and prep ahead of time. I hope this post helps motivate you to be kinder to your body and what you put inside of it. Now go forth you beautiful human.

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