Need a fitness buddy? Look no further, I got you! I started my fitness journey this week. I know what you may be thinking, how can I preach fitness, when I am just starting myself? Well, I need your help to do so that’s why… I need someone to help keep me accountable, and I want to help you too. I have tried to eat healthy and go to the gym constantly for years now, and everything I fail to remain consistent. So, in pervious blogs, you may have heard me talk about my fitness journey before, or how I do yoga… but this week, I am restarting and sticking to it. Before I found that I would be really consistent for about a month or two and then I will completely fall off, out of temptation to eat or to drink, so let’s be buddies and do this together.

In 2019, at 23 years old I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease, so this week as I get back into working out, I am making sure I protect my back at all costs. I recommend you do the same, not only for your back but make sure you are doing exercises correctly. There are a ton of fitness guru’s out there creating content to help you do so. There are also a ton of meal plan options, and health gurus that can walk you through eating and living a healthier life style. I am just here on this platform, to share with you my experiences and I hope you relate; and vibe with me.

I wanted to share with you my schedule and plan for the next couple of months. I don’t believe in fad diets, but this is what personally works for me and my body. I encourage you to research and discover what works for you and your body, but I hope this gives you a starting point!

Health plan: 

No sugar 

No alcohol

ONLY whole wheats 


No dairy (this is a me thing- you don’t have to do this) 

1 gallon of water everyday

Minimum gym workouts

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 

  • minimum 45 minutes of cardio 

Minimum yoga sessions

  • Monday 5am (45 mins) 
  • Wednesday 7pm (60 mins) 
  • Saturday 6:30am (60 mins) 

**Free day: Sunday !! ( or make-up yoga/gym day)

I hope that this schedule works for you! Please feel free to comment on this post and share with me where you are at in your fitness journey! Now, go forth you beautiful human.

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