Taking time for yourself is essential, and for months I failed to see how important “me-time” really is. I work three jobs, I have a fiancé and three fur-babies that need my attention, and I also am a masters student. And when it comes down to time, there just simply isn’t ever enough. I was finding that I had no time for myself, because I am very much the type to give, give, give, until I have nothing left to give to myself. Now, I wouldn’t change my life for the world, and I’m not complaining, but I was finding the longer I neglected myself, the unhappier I truly became. Not with my life, but mentally and physically, I knew I was not okay.

That’s when I discovered the power of a bath. Not just any bath, with a rubber ducky, oh no. A bath, lined with candles, a glass of wine, filled with bubbles, and layered with fragrant bath salts. Let me start with this, I don’t have a fancy bathroom, it’s quite small. I barely fit in a standardized bathtub, being that I am 5’10”. But my bath times alone with me, myself, and I, are unmatched. After a long day, instead of taking home the days stress on my shoulders, I like to come home run a bath, and grab a glass of wine and just soak in utter peace.

I ensure the dogs are downstairs, and my fiancé (love him to death), but I ensure he is occupied, so I can just be left to sooth with my own thoughts. When it comes to my own personal health, I like to do a couple of different things when I am in the bath, to decompress. I like to put a warm rag over my eyes, to relax my face muscles, and to ease my migraines from starring at a computer all day.

I also like to read a book. Sometimes I find that reading someone else’s thoughts and experiences, help me escape my own reality for a time being. Although it is me time, sometimes its nice to read someone else’s accounts or journey within a novel, to ease the burdens and the “to do’s” of the day. And lastly, sometimes I place my phone on my wooden tray, that reaches from one end of my tub to the next, and I will put on a show. Nothing too serious, I am a huge New Girl fan; but I like to find something almost mindless to watch, where I can laugh, sit, and just enjoy because able to watch something in peace. I find that during the week at least, I rarely have time to do anything, and sometimes that’s simply just not being able to sit down and enjoy a good tv show.

My bath time is more symbolic to me, than the actual act of taking a bath. This is my way of ensuring that I am okay and taking time to check in with myself. Whether I am easing my mind, thinking about my goals, reading a book, or watching tv, my bath time is a gift for me, from me. It’s my way of saying everything is going to be okay and patting myself on the back for a long day’s hard work. I have found since I have started taking my baths, that my mental health and image of myself have greatly improved. Even if I am only giving myself 30 minutes a day to unwind and be alone, that is enough to push me everyday to keep going.

Whether you have a crazy hectic schedule, or just have never thought about taking time for yourself everyday, I challenge you to do so. Find something that allows you to unwind, maybe that’s a bath, or painting, or taking an evening stroll. Whatever floats you boat, take a least thirty minutes a day to truly care for yourself. You deserve it.

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