“Money will always come, but opportunities to make memories, will come and go if you don’t act upon them”. I’ll be completely honest, I am not the most financially responsible if you will, I like to spend and think about the consequences later. My debt card and even sometimes my credit card, I think hate me. But, I’ve begun to realize that I have budgeting is my friend, and I am being to master the practice. Even though I am more cautious to swipe my card, I am still living my best life.

I have learned to balance these two agendas by remembering this simple phrase, “Money will always come and go, but memories last forever.” My fiancĂ© has repeated this phrase to me over and over again, because now that I have begun to budget and although I want to travel, shop, and of course eat; there’s always a little voice in my head that says stop spending. But money will always come, you can always make whatever amount you are spending back, but you will never know what you may have missed out on if you don’t just go for it.

Some of you, if anyone actually does read this, may think huh that’s scary, terrible advice. But I want to ensure to you that I’m not telling you to go crazy and swipe your cards left and right. Instead, logically think about your choices. Weigh out the positive and negatives, consider how long it will take you to make the money back, are your bills paid? Questions like this will help you make the best decision for your finances. That being said what I am preaching is sometimes ceasing opportunities to live a little are okay and you shouldn’t feel about about them.

This past week I went to Washington, D.C., and I have no shame, I will be honest with you I spent close to a grand on the trip. I did, without shame and I had the time of my life. I can’t replace the memories that I made but I can replace the money spent. It may take me a good portion of my paycheck, or even two paychecks. But it was worth it, and that’s the moral of the story. When it comes to money vs. opportunity, I encourage you to responsibly go for the opportunity, because you may miss out on an awesome chance to live and to feel alive.

(Hopefully this makes sense, and hopefully I didn’t encourage you to go spend a ton of money. That could be awkward! Haha)

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