No one prepares you for the athlete fifteen. Yes, I said it… the athlete fifteen, kind of like the freshman fifteen but this happens when you are engaged to an athlete. I mean it makes sense right, a college athlete works out everyday. Me on the other hand until recently, only worked out maybe twice a week so I wouldn’t feel bad about the burger I ate on Monday, the taco I ate on Tuesday, the cake I ate on Wednesday, you get the point I love food. But when it comes to food, you have to find what works for you and your body.

This is the biggest struggle that I have faced in my relationship. In the beginning when we made dinner together our plate sizes were pretty even. We usually would make broke college meals like chicken, rice, with a vegetable. Sounds healthy right? Or so I thought. See this meal is only healthy if you are having small portions, maybe half a cup of rice, half a cup of vegetables, one chicken thigh. That’s not what we were eating. Kori Collons the snack featured in the photo above standing next to me, he would eat 4 chicken thighs, two cups of rice, and a cup of vegetables. As a food lover, I was eating exactly what he was eating. At the time, I did not see a problem with how much I was eating. I mean a large meal makes for great naps after right? So, I didn’t see any problem with that, I was going to bed anyway right, might as well go to sleep with a full stomach.

Yeah no, since we started dating I’ve gained close to 15 pounds. I’m not complaining completely though, the weight looks good, a little has gone to my legs, the booty region, but also some has traveled and stuck around my mid section which is discouraging.
What is the purpose of this story Marisol? How does this relate to me?


The moral of the story is that everyones journey to find a healthy relationship with food is different. For me it wasn’t the weight gain that made me shift gears, it was the fact that I didn’t feel healthy anymore. I experienced fatigue, a loss of motivation, and ultimately I just felt ill. Knowing how I felt inside, I began to cut out processed foods. The easiest way I found to do this, is buy shopping the perimeters at the grocery store. Stay awake from the middle aisles where you will find your pastas, cereals, SUGARS. I began to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, meats and fish into my diet and before I knew it I was down 10 pounds. This might not work for you, so it is important to find something that does. I am not a nutritionist but I highly recommend consulting with a trainer or nutritionist about what your body needs and how it will respond to different diets.

The other change I have made in my life is trying to avoid the word diet. I know, I know, I just said it a second ago… but I’ve tried to shift my mindset, and consider my health & wellness journey to be apart of my lifestyle change. I stopped comparing myself to others and their journeys and now I solely focus on my health and wellness, not by following a diet, but by doing what makes me feel good and confident. It’s important to remember food is the key to happiness, so find a balance between eating right, and working out. And of course, having a balanced lifestyle while eating with your man, will keep you healthy and happy!

Here is a great healthy recipe, I encourage you to try this week (just remember it’s all about portions):

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