It’s okay to be sad, angry, distant, and even alone. But when you are in the spaces, you have to know how to get yourself out of them. It’s funny how when we are clearly not okay, we do everything in our power to appear okay. We tend to push back our tears, pain, anxieties and walk through life with a smile. It can be easier that way, but continuing to so that can be extremely unhealthy. I still find myself, putting on a good face for others around me, just to maintain my happy-go-lucky persona. But the more I bottle-up my emotions, the more pain I felt inside. In order to live a healthier life, I realized that I needed to find some sort of positive relief, to help control my negative emotions, and that’s when I discovered painting.

Painting for me is a symbol of self-expression. My mind wonders endlessly telling an emotional story, through the use of color and a brush stroke. Now, I’m not saying my paintings are these dark depictions that would probably make a therapist look twice, but they are unique to how I am feeling. When I paint, I am solely surrounded by my thoughts and during that time it allows me to fully process how I am feeling. Now, painting per say may not work for you, so it’s important to discover healthy alternatives that ultimately make you happier.

For instance, I am not saying it’s a good idea to go punch a wall when you are mad, but maybe try axe throwing, or archery for instance, anything that acts as a positive release. When you are looking to discover what makes you happy, an easy place to start is to first, identify how you are feeling. Are you feeling depressed, angry, confused, etc… Once you classify how you are feeling and what made you feel that way, now start to think about different activates you can do to free yourself from those dark places. It’s also important to recognize that you can have multiple positive activities for different emotions.

Another activity I participate in is journaling. Journaling is an amazing way to self-express and it acts as a mental release. I personally don’t always like sharing my problems with others, because I don’t want to place that burden onto them. That being said when I write in my journal, I am able to release the thoughts that are going on inside my head. The real moral of the story here is to find a release. We encounter so many daily life stressors especially with the pandemic, that it is okay to not be okay. Just know it is important to keep going, never give-up, and continue to discover things that make you happy. This week I want to challenge you to take a moment and breath, you have been through a hell of a week. But you are powerful, strong, independent, beautiful, and courageous. That being said, you deserve to be happy, so do something for yourself this weekend, and work to discover at least one thing that makes you happy.

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