In our society, women are taught to be competitive with one another. We are taught to be the prettiest and the smartest in the room. We will go to great lengths to gossip and undermine one another for personal gain. Oh, and don’t even get me started on if a man is involved… it can be deadly. But have you ever thought about what would happen if we just stopped?

Instead of walking through life, hating other woman for whatever reason, why not come together? I mean, hear me out. Rather than spread rumors or talk badly about one another, how about we work to uplift each other. AllWomensTalk an online blog for women, provides 7 Great Ways Women Can Support Each Other … ( And the list continues. Our society already does enough on its own to make us feel less than, we do not have to contribute to belittling each other.

I never understood the practice of being mad at a beautiful woman, or hating another woman because I thought her man was attractive, or because I had been with him previously. I was bullied relentlessly in college (yes, in college… over what should have been high school drama), all because this group of girls were mad my fiancé (boyfriend at the time) were dating. I mean utterly unfortunate is that. To this day, I do not hold hate in my heart for these other women, but I do feel sad for them. Instead of our relationship, for their various reasons they sought to destroy it. Regardless of if they truly knew me or not, which many did not, we are all women. We all suffer to meet societies standards, and we most likely have felt at one point like we were not enough. So why contribute?

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Let’s cut each other some slack, as describes in their 5 Things Women Can Do To Help Other Women (, blog post. Let’s become a better version of ourselves to work towards mentoring and helping other women. Really stare into the mirror and ask yourself why. Why are you acting the way you are? Did she do something to you? Are you jealous? Are you letting your own insecurities impact turn you into a negative person? These are hard questions to ask yourself, yes, but are necessary in order to begin to assess the why.

Once you figure out why, actively work to change those things. Try gossiping less, and if a friend is talking about another woman negatively try either asking them to stop, or saying something positive about that woman in return. I can not tell you how many times, someone I know was talking about someone negatively and I simply replied, “well they are actually really sweet.” That other individual will either agree or move on from the conversation. These types of practices are not only healthy and empowering, but they will truly help you become more content with who you are as a person. We are stronger united. And in an unforgiving world, I challenge you to respect, uplift, and empower our fellow women.

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