Living your truth is not easy, especially when society is pressing you to become something you are not. My friends and I often discuss the pressure to live out our truths, in a society demanding perfection. How am I supposed to be natural and real, when those who speak out against our typical societal norms are ridiculed for being different?

Well I’ll tell you what, flip a middle finger to the haters (figuratively of course). Come on people this is a mindfulness blog, we have to be nice to others (causally sips tea). In all seriousness we have one life to live, and I am certainly do not want to tell you how to live your life, but I do want to encourage you to live out your truths. Do not feel as though you have to display this perfect image of yourself for people to like you, be real, be bold, be you.

We can all probably agree that if you go to Instagram right now, you will probably see practically everyone putting on the best acting shows of their lives, and I am not exempt. If you head to my Instagram right now, you will see my riding horses, hiking, my engagement photos, and in each I am smiling, I appear to be happy. But what you do not know is that my parents thought I was going to be kidnapped after getting on that horse and riding off the resort with a stranger in Mexico. I got lost on that hike and fell into the river. And my fiancé and I have not always been perfect, we actually broke up five times in college.

That being said I am guilty of not living out my truths. I am quirky, weird, I tend to not think before I speak, so who knows what your getting, but that being said I should be living out my truth on every platform and in every situation of my life. It is exhausting putting on a fake façade, and if someone has something to say about your truth that is negative of judgmental, it is solely because that other person is not ready to accept their own truths as of yet. So you know what, lets live out our truths together.

Now, I’m not saying go cold turkey and just come right out with your truths to the world. Because the point of this exercise is not to cause you stress, worry, or self-doubt. Ease into it. Here are some awesome examples of individuals motivating others to live their truths:

This is a safe space, feel free to send me a message and lets talk about what is holding you back from sharing your truths with the world. We can motivate each other and work together to be more open and bold.

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