A journal.

An introspective tool to understand and guide you through your mental capacity for knowledge, love and aspirations that you collect throughout your days. Journaling is so much more than keepsake diary filed of memories, such as a diary. It has the ability to provide a much needed release from anxieties, stress, and even self-doubt. Which all have the ability to fester until you reach you reach a breaking point.

Journaling is not all about channeling the negative to escape displease. It is also a tool to express your goals, desires, and overall help you become a better version of yourself. Think about your journal as a mental accountability partner, detailing who you are and who you would like to become.

I for instance am a yes woman. What do I mean by that… I say yes. I pile on tasks at work, in my masters program, in my relationships, and when I complete my tasks, it’s then I release I no longer have anytime for me. I have no time to find out who I am, and express to myself what my goals are. I have no time to release daily life stressor and to cleanse my mind. I live for creating happy environments and for appeasing others. I love to see the joy in another’s face by completing tasks and creating places of laughter with friends over drinks. But, when is there time for me to feel fulfilled. You may feel the same way, and that is why I am encouraging you to turn to journaling.

That is right I am asking you to go out and buy a diary. Any kind of diary, there’s no judgement here, even if you want to revisit your childhood and get a voice activated password protected diary, go for it. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you are too young, just keep scrolling). Even a couple pieces of paper stapled together will suffice.

Plan on taking as much time as need be to clear your mind of any negativity, failed accomplishments, and or worries you have piled up from that day and/or week depending on how often you’d like to journal. Describe every detail, where you were, who you were with, the task at hand, and even how you felt in that moment. Clear your mind, and with each thought, let it go as easily as it is for you to write it down.

The biggest battle we have to overcome is letting go and freeing ourselves form this idea that we have to do it all in order to live a better life. Journaling helps you come face to face with unrealistic expectations you place upon yourself, and break through those bonds.

Journaling also should not be seen as a chore, it should be seen as a physical and mental release necessary in order to than channel your energy into winding down and focusing on things that make you feel happy and at peace.

If you are just starting your journaling journey, start small. Every journal is going to look different. If you can best express yourself in short thoughts, try bullet points. If you prefer long forum writing, begin by asking yourself how do you feel in that very moment and begin. This is not meant to be a challenging process, or make your brain hurt from thinking about all of the things you intend to write about.

I’m asking you just to try. So start with just a piece a paper and release your thoughts to cleanse your mind. You’re not a lone in your journaling journey and I would love to hear how this platform helped you. Please feel free to leave me a message expressing what worked for you and what did not. Let’s normalize talking about our feelings.

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